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Achieving amazing hair at home has never been easier or more affordable than with the go-Kera™ Deluxe Pack. This pack includes our signature smoothing treatment along with our entire range of aftercare products for a fantastic price. Order today to discover the power these products have to transform frizzy, unmanageable hair into smooth, beautiful and shiny locks.


    • 1 x go-Kera™ Smoothing Treatment
    • 1 x 300ml(10,1 fl oz) go-Kera™ Anti-Frizz Shampoo
    • 1 x 300ml(10,1 fl oz) go-Kera™ Anti-Frizz Conditioner
    • 1 x 200ml(6,7 fl oz) go-Kera™ Anti-Frizz Leave in
    • 1 x 250g(8,82 oz) go-Kera™ Deep Hydration Hair Mask (FREE)
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  • Deluxe pack to provides intense and long-lasting smoothing.
  • Includes 1 x 2-step go-Kera™ Smoothing Treatment, 1 x 300ml Anti-Frizz Shampoo(10,1 fl oz), 1 x 300ml(10,1 fl oz) Anti-Frizz Conditioner, 1 x 200ml (6,7 fl oz) Anti-Frizz Leave-in cream and 1 x 250g(8,82 oz) Deep Hydration Mask (FREE).
  • Smoothing treatment is made with real silk protein and coconut oil for nourished and silky smooth results.
  • Works as a toner on blonde hair preventing brassy yellow tones and promoting a cool ashy tone. 
  • Results last up to 3 months (with the correct aftercare, i.e. use go-Kera aftercare shampoo, conditioner and mask).
  • Product has cumulative effect  (Meaning, on 2nd time results are even better)
  • No harsh chemicals or fumes, 100% free of formaldehyde
  • Aftercare range is salt, sulphate, silicone and paraben-free and made with vitamin-rich tamarind extract to hydrate, repair and smooth strands.
  • Treatment results can last up to 3 months and more with aftercare routine.

See our full FAQs

For more information on our signature smoothing treatment and products, visit our go-Kera™page .

Step by step

1 – Wash hair with go-Kera Deep Cleansing Shampoo massaging into a lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat 2 to 3 times until hair is completely clean.

2 – Dry hair completely and divide into 4-6 parts.

3 – Using a brush apply go-KeraSmoothing Treatment section by section starting from the back of the head. Use a fine-tooth comb to work the product through each section from roots to tips ensuring the whole length of the hair is covered. Do not oversaturate.

4 – Leave product on hair for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. (On bleached ashy/platinum blonde colour leave the product on hair for 15- 20 minutes as the product also works as a toner . For warmer blonde tones (yellow) leave up to 30 minutes.) Avoid contact with eyes during rinsing. 

5 – Dry hair completely and divide into 4-6 parts again.

6 – Apply flat iron 7 to 10 times from roots to tips. Make sure sections are thin and use a temperature of 190°C to 210°C (375°F to 410°F).


Avoid eye and skin contact. In case of irritation due to eye or skin contact, wash thoroughly with running water.


When using the flat iron:

  • For bleached, coloured, highlighted or damaged hair use lower temperature (190°C) and less repetitions (5 to 7 times). On bleached ashy/platinum blonde colour leave the product on hair for 15- 20 minutes as the product also works as a toner . For warmer blonde tones (yellow) leave up to 30 minutes
  • For natural, thick and voluminous hair use higher temperature (210°C) and more repetitions (10 – 12 times)
  • For straighter and longer results ensure your hair sections are very thin when applying the iron (You should be able to see you finger through your hair).
  • If necessary, ask a friend to help you with the flat iron.

After Care:

For longer lasting results we highly recommend using go-KeraAfter Care Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask. Alternate each wash by using Shampoo and Mask, then Shampoo and Conditioner. Especially on your first wash it is important to use go-KeraDeep Hydration Mask.

Use a blow dryer to dry your hair after every wash.

Please watch the step-by-step video by clicking here.

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  1. Great stuff. I’m very happy with the result

  2. Unfortunately i did not take a before and after photo and i wish i had! In March this year i had a perm (trying something new 😊) it was great. But, 5 months on with new growth, a perm growing out and unable to visit a hairdresser due to Covid restrictions i decided to give this product a go. Amazing ! I must admit though i didnt read the part about natural blondes so i turned out a lovely shade of light violet… that being said a few washes on i was back to being blonde. Would i recommend this product? Absolutely! I wake every day to straight hair, even though i had worn it in a bun alday at work… i simply wash, condition and use the anti frizz products and blow dry… absolutely no sign of a perm! Totally impressed and will definately not be without Scaevola products.

  3. Absolutely love this product. My hair fells soft and has much less fizz when washed. Have only used the Scaevola products since the smoothing treatment was done.
    I still need to use the straightener but it takes much less time.
    Love the leave in anti frizz.
    Thank you.
    I will be ordering more🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. Loved loved loved it. Really smooth n silky hair and it’s so easy to manage now😎🥰😎

  5. Love everyone of these products! Great value for this bundle. It’s changed my life!!!

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Only safe ingredients

go-Kera™ contains natural ingredients including silk protein and coconut and does not have harmful fumes. We do not test on animals.

Founded in Australia

Scaevola was founded in Sydney, Australia, in 2017, offering Brazilian hair formulas tailored to the Australian lifestyle.

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We stand behind our products with a 30 day money back guarantee. Check out our terms and conditions to learn more.

Suitable for repeat applications

Carefully formulated to our highest standards, we use only the gentlest, safest ingredients that allow for multiple uses.


go-Kera has been amazing!
It makes my mornings so much easier and my hair has never felt smoother!!

Brigid McManus


Absolutely love this keratin product best I’ve ever used. Hair is so sleek and healthy but still able to get volume. Leaves a lovely cool tone on blondes hair also.

Jessica Jones


Hey I just want to say that go-Kera has really changed my life ahh I love it so much and I never straigthen my hair or anything anymore. I’m definitely keep using it forever 🙂 I get so many compliments.

Catharine Paul


This product is the best smoothing treatment I’ve ever used. It’s frizz free and the after care products are incredible.

Jannat Sd.

 Signature Ingredients

Sericin Silk Protein

This potent silk protein contains powerful amino acids that boost hair health while making strands significantly smoother and healthier. It does so thanks to its high compatibility with the hair’s natural keratin, which allows it to efficiently replace lost protein and seal the hair cuticle.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a key ingredient of the go-Kera™ treatment. With rich fatty acids, this oil is perfect for nourishing and hydrating the hair and scalp. Its powerful penetration also allows for enhanced results, like reduced frizz, decreased dandruff and fewer split ends.


Nourishing tamarind is an essential ingredient in our luxe aftercare range. Filled with vitamins and minerals, tamarind fruit is highly beneficial for hair. It works to lock in moisture and add shine for healthy, hydrated and smooth results.

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